3 - Offers (Monetization, Prices, Currencies, Payout and Taxes)

Create a promotional code on your platform with Stripe

Stripe is our payment partner that allows you to manage all the monetization of your platform, from the management of your users to the invoicing, including financial reports. For the moment, you have the ability to create promotional codes (coupons) only on your subscription offers (products). Your products Products are the offers you have set […]

Offer a trial period for your subscription service

Everybody likes when it’s free! You can set up a free period to allow your customers to test your subscription offer. To access your content they will still need to enter their credit card information, and the first payment will occur only at the end of the period you’ve set. To set up a trial […]

Create a link to a specific offer

If you have several offers, you may need to redirect your users to a page containing only one offer. To do this, go to the menu Offer Management > Subscription – bundles  Move your mouse over “Update date” and you will see the button :     You will then get the link that leads […]

Offer free content accessible after registration

On OKAST you can create platforms with different access models : Free content available without registration (such as YouTube) – to set up free content, it’s in this article: Offer free video contents on your platform Free content accessible after registration, i.e. the users can only access a content after creating an account (like Deezer) Content […]

Manage offers & monetization

OKAST allows you to monetize your content very easily. To do this, you need to create one or more “offers” to which your customers will be able to subscribe or rent. If you don’t want to monetize, then just offer only free content. In your back office, go to Offer Management > Subscriptions – Bundles: […]

Offer free video contents on your platform

With OKAST, you can offer free access to some video contents on your platform. Whether it is full content, footage or a trailer, it is always important to be able to offer your future customers a sample of your platform. Like the free trial period, free contents are a great tool for acquiring new customers […]

How to monetize your video content worldwide with different currencies?

With OKAST, it is possible to choose different currencies for your offers and thus monetize your video content worldwide. How to set up different currencies for your SVOD or Bundle offers ? In the Offer Management part of your back office, you can set up your offers (Price, Access or withdrawal duration, Trial period, Quality, […]

VAT And Offer Prices

What about VAT on sales ? When you set a price for your content, we assumed the price you chose was THE one, i.e the price you always want to display to your customers (and therefore all charges included). Nevertheless, since the 1st of January 2015, the new regulation on European VAT taxes digital products according to […]

Payout (from your sales)

Each month, the money from your sales will be transferred to your bank account (but first, you have to connect your bank to our interface ). Every month around the 15th ,  you will receive the money generated during the previous month (our commission withdrawn). For now, we can not pay with a Paypal account, but this […]