6 - Activity & Analytics

Create and import users from your back office

Your users have different ways to register to your platform and to subscribe to your offers. It is possible to create or import users directly from your back office. Go to Analysis reports > Users then in the dahsboard listing your different users, you have the choice between “Create a user” and “Users import” : […]

Analytics : get a detailed activity of each content

You can get a detailed activity report for each content: number of views % views out of total views (importance of this content in your catalog) User session reports: who viewed or listened to each content, how long, and the completion rate.   To access this information, there are 2 possibilities: 1/ Analysis report > […]

OKAST dashboards: the KPIs of your streaming platform

In order to better manage your business from your back office and make the best strategic decisions for your streaming platform, OKAST has set up a number of KPIs. What are the available analytics? On your back office, KPIs are available on a dashboard from the index of your projects, which lists all your projects, […]

Analytics: see the list of users for each of your offer

From the “Offer management” menu, you can view the list of your users by offer. When you are on the list of your offers: Offer management > Subscriptions – Bundle , you just have to move your mouse over the column “Update date” to display the “eye” icon:     By clicking on the icon, […]

Analytics : sales, subscriptions and unsubscriptions (churn)

From the menu Analytics > Sales you can follow the activity related to the monetization of your video content on your platform (TVOD, SVOD). At the very top, you will see a banner with the overview activity of your platform: number of offers created and their type, as well as the number of active users […]

Users activity (status, subscriptions, content watched…)

The Offer Management > Users menu allows you to track your users’ activity. First, you have a dashboard showing the key indicators related to your users for the current month:     Number of registered users in the current calendar month (since the 1st of the month) with a comparison to the previous month Number […]

Analytics: tracking transactions, subscriptions and unsubscriptions

The Customer Transactions menu allows you to track your activity from a user perspective. You’ll find different parts :   1- A dashboard with key indicators and their evolution over 30 days: Registered users: indicates all users who have created an account on your platform Active users: the number of users who have subscribed to […]

Analytics: content consumption report

On OKAST, you can get all stats related to the consumption of your content:   Go to the Analytics > Contents menu You will be able to access different information: Total views: this is the number of views for one video. Warning: we account for a view only if it is superior to 3 seconds […]

Report : analyzing your churn

OKAST offers tools to analyze your unsubscribe rate and fight it:   1- Ask reasons of cancellation OKAST allows you to ask your viewers reasons for unsubscribing thanks to a form popping up  when a user clicks on “unsubscribe”. You can decide to display a form like this one: You can fully customize this form […]