6 - Activity & Analytics

Analytics: tracking transactions, subscriptions and unsubscriptions

The Customer Transactions menu allows you to track your activity from a user perspective. You’ll find different parts :   1- A dashboard with key indicators and their evolution over 30 days: Registered users: indicates all users who have created an account on your platform Active users: the number of users who have subscribed to […]

Analytics: content consumption report

On OKAST, you can get all stats related to the consumption of your content:   Go to the Analytics > Contents menu You will be able to access different information: Total views: this is the number of views for one video. Warning: we account for a view only if it is superior to 3 seconds […]

Report : analyzing your churn

OKAST offers tools to analyze your unsubscribe rate and fight it:   1- Ask reasons of cancellation OKAST allows you to ask your viewers reasons for unsubscribing thanks to a form popping up  when a user clicks on “unsubscribe”. You can decide to display a form like this one: You can fully customize this form […]